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released August 1, 2017


all rights reserved



TORSO MURDER Cleveland, Ohio

Music for aspiring serial killers.

During the 1930’s, a serial killer roamed the streets of Cleveland, Ohio. Murdered, emasculated, disemboweled, and dismembered at least 12 people, most never identified. They were dubbed the TORSO MURDER’s also known as the Kings Bury Run Murder’s. ... more

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Track Name: Suspended In mind
What is wrong?

As I rehearse, On these unclaimed body’s
Lines begin to blur
With no resistance, No warmth, No life to watch
Drain from these cadavers
Limb By Limb I sever

Whoa, All night long, All night

Isolated in my darkness, With and empty bottle and whiskey breathe
Whishing I, Could feel more
Something more, Anything to fill this void
Stop, If only there was a way
To make this vision, A reality
Track Name: Beggars Choice
The past awakens, My thoughts are bliss
Death to me, Blood painting walls red
The past awakens, My thoughts are bliss
Death to me, Voices in my head

Half your life running for something
Half your life running for nothing

One side pushing forward
One side falling backwards
Rise, From, Your knees

Don’t, Beg
You look so pathetic kneeling there, With your open hand

Lost and forsaken, Your life worthless
Come with me, I have what you seek
Lost and forsaken, Your life worthless
Come with me, Let me help you end
End your suffering
Track Name: Victim One
sorry to say, I’d love to, End your life, it would be
Sorry to say, I’d love to, End your life, it is a
Dream come true

Believe in me, Follow my lead
Believe in me, Don’t misperceive
Believe in me, Hollowed indeed
Believe in me, Won’t preconceive

Now severing your fucking spine
No one will miss, You
Fuck you, You worthless, Scum
No one can stop, Me

Dream Come True

My blood soaked brow
Sedated and emasculated
Limp body lies
Decapitated dream come, True

You were never alive
Track Name: Lady Of The Lake
Lady Of The Lake

Useless before
But now you’re headless
You, Finally have a purpose

You can’t feel anymore
No more trauma, No more pain
You can’t reach, Anything
No rejection, No more, Heartbreak

I thrashed the gates, And quartered the sharp ends
Brutal, As it was

You, Will have long passed, By the time, You’ve been discarded
Tossed into the lake, With my hand, Around your heart
Track Name: Life Takes Life

Life, Takes your life
Ends your life
Breaks your life
Takes your

Life, Takes your, Life, And mine, Takes your, Life

No, One, Cares about yours, Or mine

Another day, Better day
Might seem nice
Truth Is another, Device
To help, To aid, Condemn, Enrage
Struggles of life takes life
Track Name: PolyGraphic Failure

What do you believe?, You’re going to find?
Mind nowhere in sight, Heart dark as night
Roll up my sleeves, With your machine

Now that you can see-me, There’s no going back
Now that you can see-me, For what is real
Now that you can see-me, For what I am
Now that you can see-me, You’ll be running scared

I’ve, Been, Dishonest

If you think you’ll, See, I bestowed it?
If you think it’s, Me, Fucking show it!
If you think you’ll, See, I bestowed it?
If you think it’s, Me, Fucking Prove it!

Now! Prove it Now!
Track Name: Burning The Run

Burn…….The Run…….

I’m here to clean up the streets
It’s time for you to make your retreat
I put down Capone
With you, A stray
I’ll do the same

When the smoke clears, And the dust settles (down)

There will be no one left for you to prey one
Now that you’re deprived, How will you Survive?
Thinking your some kind of devil
You’re nothing special
No magical phenomenon, Only a coward I will cash in on

Now, when the smoke clears, and the dust settles
Yesterday thoughts, are dead, tomorrow
There is nothing left for you here, Nothing left for you tomorrow

Where you at? Now that their gone!
How you survive? Now that your deprived
No one left to prey on
How you survive? Now your deprived
Track Name: Filling The Void With Corpses

Feelings evolved & Lost in time
Where you before, You lost your mind
Can’t comprehend, This is the end
Sickness flowing, Time Reascend

Feelings evolved & Lost in time
Now that it’s over, I’ve lost my mind
Over extend, Brought me my end
Going this far, Did not intend

I’ve, Been, Hollow for so long
Deeper (darker), Than I realized
I know where I belong

Mental state, Deteriorate, Decapitation
Mutilate, Emasculate, Surgically Disembowl

Padded room is what I need
As alcohol consumes me
Blacked out the night before
Reality escapes me

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